Collages From 100% Magazine Shreds - Commissioned Collage Portraits
Signed Giclee prints, of Paul Dessau's collages on archival matt paper:
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size        price/paper        price/ canvas

8x10      $31.20               $38.25
9x12      $42.30               $51.60
11x14    $60.00               $73.05
12x18    $84.30               $103.05
16x20    $124.80             $152.55
20x24    $187.20             $229.05
24x36    $337.05             $412.05
30x40    $468.00             $572.40

All small signed prints are unlimited editions. Full size prints are in numbered limited editions of 50 and come with a certificate of authenticity. Request yours through my guestbook.
In addition to availability on this site, prints of various sizes are available at the following retail locations:
Artist Studio in the Foothills, 940 Idaho Maryland Road, Grass Valley, CA
Nevada City Picture Framing, 571 Searls Ave, Nevada City, CA
Reiki Kitchen, 315 Commercial Street, Nevada City, CA
“A Giclee Print is an archival fine art print. The term Giclee was coined in 1991 & refers to the product of an ink spray (Gicleer in French) printing process. The word is also used to distinguish “fine art prints” from other commercial reproduction processes.
A Giclee begins with a high resolution digital image of the original artwork. Using computer software, the digital image is adjusted to ensure that the color balance & tonality match the original as closely as possible.  
The Giclee printer sprays approximately four million microscopic droplets of archival pigmented ink per second onto archival paper. The Giclee process gives a much more precise, true –to-the –original look then traditional offset lithography or serigraphy.
Archival Giclees are accepted without reservation by most of the world’s art museums, galleries & private collectors.”
The above is a quote from:
Photographic Reflections
17191 Lawrence Way
Grass Valley, CA 95949
signed Giclee Print
8x10 print
Price: $24.00
signed Giclee Print
12x18 print
Price: $50.00
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signed Giclee Print
full size, numbered
Price: $150.00
Assemblage by
Paper, Magazine shreds, plastic, wood, and glass.
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