Collages From 100% Magazine Shreds - Commissioned Collage Portraits
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LeeAnn Brook, artist,
          LeeAnn is Paul's mentor.
John Michael Keating, artist,
Collage Art,
Recreate, recycled art center in Roseville, CA
Paul's personal interests
musical Instrument building
Paul's Professional Interests
Mechanical Engineering,
Contract Manufacturing, Nevada City CA
Paul's pipe organ building current employment

Violin, table organ and clavichord built by Paul Dessau. The clavichord was built from cabinet making scrap wood, to plans suppled by the Zuckerman Harpsichord Co. The violin is based on a stainer pattern, and all of its wood was cut on Paul's own property. The organ was built from cabnet making scrap and is his design but typical of 16th century table organs, and every joint, glue etc. is period authentic and museum grade. Paul made the pipes also.
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