Collages From 100% Magazine Shreds - Commissioned Collage Portraits

About Paul Dessau
Paul’s artistry combines his Masters’s degree in mechanical engineering with studio art classes taken in college, thus using analytic as well as aesthetics to combine art traditions from the past and present in each piece. His education engineering as well as his lifelong love for art has made recycled art a natural pursuit. He has enjoyed doing artwork since his childhood in Carmichael, California, and now focuses his talents on using recycled materials to create portraits of both famous people and subjects chosen by his customers in a highly colorful and iconic manner.
Paul currently lives in the Sierra Foothills. When he is not creating collage art, he is indulging his passion in astronomy, building telescopes and musical instruments, and being actively involved in Toastmasters.

watercolor by Paul when a 10 year old

Paul's copy of his favorite old master painting

Artist: Paul Matthew Dessau
Medium: colored pencil on paper
Size: 18”x24”
This is a rendition by Paul after Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) of the Temptation of St. Anthony in the Prado in Madrid. Prints were not available, so he made pencil sketches in the museum and later created this work from those sketches to hang in his home. Prints are available of the original today.
This was not available in prints and seldom included in Bosch monographs because it is considered a contemprary atelier copy of a lost Bosch original. 
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